First time beer tasting

I know that it is ironic that the post about beer tasting comes after the post about resigning from a job. In real life the beer tasting came first, but it took me a little while to get this up. So with out furthur ado... I give you: First time beer tasting!

I have some cousins that live near Portland, OR whom I have been seeing a lot more of lately. They have been coming to Southern California for some family events. They are into beer and the Middle Sister said the next time they come down she would organize a beer tasting. She contacted a friend and got the names of three breweries to try. So on a sunny Saturday I went beer tasting for the first time in Orange County with my sisters, Portland cousins, Dad, Uncle, Jan, and A and T. The Middle Sister had rented a car so we could all carpool, but there ended up being too many people so we were in two cars. It was a fun afternoon and I would do it again.

We went to three breweries and started at "The Brewery". The Middle Sister had brough snacks and we each picked different beers to try. You could get flights or pints.

The second place was Bottle Logic. They had a food truck outside and we got some burgers and fires to go with the beer.

The Little Sister is not really a beer drinker and was a designated driver. We called this photo "the D.D.".

The third brewery on our list had a line out the door so we did a google search and found one closer to our house called Barley Forge. This one had lots of food you could order with your beer and I ended up getting a beer float here. The had free popcorn! and Jenga. It was a good place to end the day and I liked that it was so close to our house so we could go there anything for lunch or dinner!

Now I wish I could tell you a little more about the beers I had, but it seems that after a month of time, I can not really remember the details of the day. To be honest, I am not sure how well I was remembering the detail on the next day either... but I had a great time and would do it again. Cheers!

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