First Time March

The 2016 goal of doing something new each month continues! Even though posting this is about two months late. Never fear! Photos and notes remeind me what new things I have tried each month. March was packed!

First we had the Beer Tour I went on with the family. You can see the details HERE. It was my first time beer tasting and I had a blast. T has gone to the last brewery on our tour (Barley Forge) a few times for dinner without me. He may have attended a beer and grilled cheese event there..... again, without me. But at least he brought home beer!

Cafe Gratitude was a new restaurant I tried in March. A collegue (remember I resigned from my job!) took me here with her husband. So this restaurant is vegan / vegetarian. Me, I love meat. But I was happy to try something new and I love this collegue. Cafe Gratitude, I kind of fell in love with it. So much that I ate there three times in March and might have gone to the togo Cafe a few times also. I have to say that I wouldn't bring everyone here as the sometimes hipster vibe coupled with the names of the dishes (enlightened, heavenly) and then the wait-staff telling you you are "enlightened" when your meal arrives isn't for everybody. But my yoga loving friends and vegans sure love it! The food is good too which is why I went back a few times.

I also resigned from my job of eight years at the beginning of March and had my last day at the end of March. It wasn't my first time resigning from a job, but it felt like the first time I resigned from a grown-up career job. You can read how I did it at "How to resign from a job".

Back to Cafe Gratitude. I don't know what got into me, but I decided to do one of their "Cleanse's". Maybe because I was leaving a job and I just wanted to "cleanse" everything in my life. So the last week of March I signed up for one of their 3-day cleanse programs. It was the "I am renewed" (see note above about the names of things) and I signed up for the three day "meal plan". They had a "juice plan" also but as this was my first time doing this, I thought the "meal plan" was a good first step. Why am I putting "meal plan" in quotes? Well, I wouldn't of considered it a "meal plan" because you only ate food once a day. A great salad at lunch! Other than that you were having smoothies, juices, and juice shots through out the day.

The whole cleanse experience was interesting. I had to pick up my stuff everyday and the first day I picked it up in the morning and then picked up my next day that evening. The folowing day I realized I had picked up a repeat of day one and called to see what we could do and if I had somehow messed stuff up. The Cafe was great and said it was a miscommunication on their end and that I would just get an extra day of the cleanse so it would be four days instead of three. Turns out I was one of the first few people try the cleanse at that location and they hadn't really worked everything out yet. It was nice to have all my "meals" ready to go and to know that I was supposed to have something at 8am, 10am, noon, 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm. But by day four I was over it. Some of the stuff was not that tasty and I was not finishing my bottles. I think three days would have been enough.

People asked me how I felt on it and at first I felt hungry and then I felt fine. I actually eat pretty clean most of the time so I didn't see that much of a difference. I think I might do it again and maybe try the juice cleanse. Just to see if I like that more.

Another kind of funky thing I did in March; Ear Candling. Don't worry. This one doesn't have a photo. Ear candling is this process where a long funnel like candle is placed in your ear while you are laying down and it is lit. As the candle burns down it creates a slight vacuum that pulls stuff out of your ear canal. I know it sounds a little gross, and I guess it could be, but my ears were driving me crazy and I needed to do something! At the end of February I had caught a cold and my ears would not clear. T and I had started swimming in the morning and that was making everything in my ears worse. It was driving me crazy so I found a local place that does ear candling and went in. I LOVED it. It took two sessions for me to feel like my ears were back to normal but it made my life so much better. I didn't realize how much my ears had been bugging me. I think I might try to have my ears candled quarterly every year just to keep them clean. Well, deep cleaned. If you are in the Huntington Beach, CA area I went to Healing Horizons and will go back again.

And the final new thing I did in March was go to a college basketball game right before March Madness. My friend Mo is into college basketball and had tickets so we went. It was Cal State Long Beach against University of Hawaii and the winner was in March Madness. The game was at the Anaheim Pond and everything was free for us so we had a great time!

March ended with me packing up my office and high-fives shared with people as I walked away from an old job and into the next month and chapter in my life.

Cheers to the road ahead!

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