First time April

April 2016 was an interesting month for me. I started a new job on April 1st and had training all month. The first two days of training my "trainer" was sick so I made due. I actually worked at the place nine years ago as an intern and my internship there got me my previous full time job. Coming back was like coming home. It was really nice, and also an interesting experinece. My "trainer" was retiring and I was her replacement. A lot of the training was very relevant and some of it was ideas she had for how her "replacement" could do the job. It wasn't bad, but I got hired based on some specific things and some of the projects she wanted me to do where not things that .... well would be a good use of my time. At least in the first year. I double checked with my supervisor to make sure my ideas were what the organization was looking for and then worked stuff out with my trainer. We talked about the project list realistically and then focused the training on those things. It worked out. New jobs are always fun....

Some cool things about this new job is that I get to bike to work! My previous job was the only job I ever had where I needed to commute, so it was nice to bike again.

T and I also started swimming at the YMCA twice a week in April. He had mentioned changing his gym to the YMCA and I said I would be in if they had a pool so I could swim. We checked one out and signed up. Then he said he would be interested in trying swimming and we have been going. It is our first time kind of "working out" together and it has been cool. Except I am hungry all day after I swim... I am still working out how to change that.

April was also the first time I tried making kombucha. You can read it HERE. I will say it was pretty successful.

Another thing I tried for the first time was gel nails. Or maybe it is called gel nail polish. Basically it is nail polish that doesn't chip. Bad news, it gets baked on your nails and has to be soaked and scrapped off. And the soaking and scrapping does not do good things for your natural nails. So I tried it and it was AWESOME to have beautiful nails that didn't chip for three weeks. Then I went to the nail salon and learned how they take the stuff off and decided to give my nails a break from all polish. The salon was awesome and put a lot of moisturizing oils on my hands and it about three days my nails were doing much better. I have now had girls who work at nail salons whisper to me that I don't need gel nails as I have "good nail". Check that one off the list as a been there done that. Not something I will try again. Here is a glimpse of gel nails and one of my bike to work outfits.

April was more about noticing the ordinary things I did for the first time. Like I said, it was an interesting month...

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