First time Kombucha making

The Little Sister jumps in 100% when she decides she wants to try something. Bread making after our trip to Paris, hours of research, YouTube videos, and blog reads informed her decision to make bread. And what happens seven out of ten times when she decides to do something? In turns into "we are going to..." fill in the blank. So consequently I have made bread (found Artisan Bread in five minutes a day to be the way to go), made yogurt, attended the Dallas Cowboys training camp, and now made Kombucha. When I decide to do something I have my own discovery path that I follow, but when I jump on the Little Sister path I do a lot less research than and just follow her directions. Usually that is enough to get me started which is how the Kombucha path thing came to be.
Sister photo
I don't know how I started drinking Kombucha. I remember doing it during Yoga Teacher training and as I like fizzy drinks that are not soda or other really sugary beverages, I very quickly became a Kombucha drinker. And when I found the grocery store I could walk to started to have it, I found myself spending some money on the stuff. Each bottle is about $4 and that can add up. So I started limiting myself, but still really liked it. Then one day the little sister came over and said "We are going to make Kombucha". And the story began.

I am still very new at this and will tell you how we started and where I think I am going with this path. So Kombucha is a fermented tea. I don't know where you stand on fermentation, but there is a way of thinking that really supports fermented foods. Sauerkraut, kimchi, beer....you know, the basics. Kombucha is also a fermented food and some people swear by it. They think fermented foods (minus beer probably) are really good for the body and for "gut health". It is this idea of having "good bacteria" in our bodies to balance everything. And as I think almost everything starts with food, I am willing to swing to the fermented foods camp when it comes to gut health. It makes sense. Yogurt (fermented) helps with probiotic (pro bacteria) in the body. When we take an antibiotic (anti bacteria) medicine to kill the bad bacteria in the body we also kill the good bacteria. And that throws everything out of wack. Our bodies are so fascinating! We are like a whole universe inside our own skin!

Sorry. I almost went down the rabbit hole of how cool our bodies are. We could have been here for days... Back to Kombucha...

When the little sister came over to let me know "we" were going to make Kombucha she said we would start by making our SCOBY from a video she saw from Stupid Easy Paleo. It was fairly easy and involved one bottle of original flavored Kombucha and some time. We started the process and in about two weeks it had grown this "lovely" specimen. It is almost like science fair projects in grade school. SIDE NOTE: if I was going to do a science fair project now it would be about Kombucha! How cool would that be? Growing your own SCOBY!!! Take that third grade. I just grew bacteria.
Once the SCOBY was ready to go I needed to make some tea for it to ferment. The Little Sister gave me some rough measurements, and I gave it a go. My tea was made with hibiscus and ginger tea. I disolved one cup of sugar in the mixture and then added it (at room temperature) to my big jug that I had borrowed from the Middle Sister. I then added water and my SCOBY. Covered the container and let it ferment. I would like to give you the recipe I followed, but I can't really. I know I started with four hibiscus tea bags and one ginger tea bag in 8 cups of boiled water. Then one cup of sugar. I was supposed to add this, the SCOBY and liquid and 8 more cups of water to my jug but my jug was too small so I just added water to the top. Then you cover the tea with a cloth and something to hold it in place and wait again while it ferments. I started tasting it after about two weeks and then bottled it when I thought it tasted pretty good.
Bottled Kombucha
And there you have it: my first batch of Kombucha.
Since that time I have decided it might be a good idea to learn a little bit more about this myself. I found a local place, Farm & Culture CO that makes Kombucha and there flavors have inspired me to try to new things.
Kombucha flight
The Little Sister has continued her research and we are both now reading The Big Book of Kombucha by Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory. I have purchased my own jugs (two of them) and my SCOBY had a "baby" so I am going to make more batches of Kombucha. I think this path is going to be an interesting one and I am lucky my Little Sister informed me "We are going to make Kombucah"......


  1. I am behind the times as I have never tried kombucha, but I have to say, I'm pretty intrigued and might need to try making my own.

    1. I am not sure if it is in Italy yet. You could start a trend!