That new bike smell

I think I might of just bought my first bike. And by that I mean "paid" for my first bike on my own. The bike I have been riding for the last 16 years was purchased for me by my Dad when I was at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo....sixteen years ago....I have ridden that thing all over the place and it has served me well. But for the last two months I have been living the "bike to work" dream and the bike has been showing it's age, or maybe I have been showing my age. I thought it was time to ditch the mountain bike for a hybrid bike. Something that could take me to work and also do some light mountain biking.
So I have graduated to the Ghost Panamao X4. And after riding it a bit, I can say that I think it was the mountain bike that was showing it's age because this thing is so much easier to ride! I could almost keep up with the Little Sister and shaved five minutes off my commute time this morning. I am still tweaking a few things and am going to take it back to REI for some fine tuning, but I am pretty happy. It was actually a hard choice to make because I did love that other bike. But it might be like when you get a new car. The memories of the time you had together will be enough... Thanks for the awesome 16 years old bike! Here are a few photos I found....
T and I took bikes on our trip to Yellowstone.
One thing about this bike is that I seemed to always get flat tires.....

The Little Sister loves to bike. Here we are in the redwoods near Santa Cruz.
And starting to bike up Sherwin Creek in Mammoth.

This is when the family started telling me I needed a new bike. We started biking for T when he was recovering from knee surgery and the long rides started to bug me. They took my bike out for a spin and no amount of tune-ups could make a mountain bike a road bike. This was three years ago......
Thanks for all the memories college mountain bike! You have kept me in two wheels for 16 years!

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