OC Fair round one 2016

It is county fair season again and I love it. T and I got fair passes this year and our first day was all about the food. We went around dinner time and I had looked up some of the new foods to try. I wasn't very impressed and my all time favorite fair food is still the Maple Bacon Donut!

(Don't mind that T has "crazy eyes" in half these photos....
We started with the "French Toast Bacon Bombs" and I was underwhelmed. Mini-french toast wrapped in bacon. So much potential, but not worth the hype. If you try them, get the whipped cream on the side.

Then we had the bacon wrapped jalepenos. Not as good as the ones T makes, but pretty good at the OC Fair!

We then grabbed a beer to wash the food down with...

And headed over to get some food we knew was amazing. The "Chili Relleno Burger" and the australian potato rounds (cheese on the side). The burger won best in show in 2014 and is pretty good.

Then we found ourselves in the livestock area with the goats when they were being fed and milked and they were a lively bunch! They were so active and friendly. One of them even tried to drink T's beer when we were taking a photo!

Near the end of the evening we got my favorite Maple Bacon Donut! This fair trip was all about the food and I am looking forward to my next trip when I actually see some of the other fair stuff.

I am always on the look-out to try something new. Do you have a fair food you love? Let me know in the comments so I can try it.










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