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I am out of practice when it comes to Road Trips. Our recent truck trip showed me that. And while I liked the spontaneity of it all, when I got home my allergies were acting up and I had a bit of a food flu. What is a "food flu"? Well, for me it is like having allergies or a cold and it is directly related to what I have been eating. I try to eat paleo-ish and when I deviate form that for days on end, I get the food flu. Which is kind of what happened with this trip.

But no regrets! I do not regret food. Which leads me to the Road Trip Eats from our recent trip through Washington, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California in three short days.

Day one: Crafted Tap House and Kitchen in Couer d'Alene Idaho.

Long daylight hours can be deceiving on a road trip. After T and I visited his Grandparent's old farm we crossed into Montana and I looked down to see that it was about seven o'clock. Knowing that soon we wouldn't find many places to eat dinner, I looked on Yelp and found the Crafted Tap House and Kitchen. The reviews that called it a "Hipster" place were a bit of a turn off, but the photo of a hamburger with a fried egg on it sold me. T and I parked and walked up to a fairly busy restaurant. A few places were open at the bar and we sat down to a surprising good time.

I had the "Freshest Ever Veggie Flatbread" and T had the "B I Double G I E" burger with an egg on it and garlic fries. Very good. Both items. The place had a hipster vibe (three of the four bartenders had handlebar mustaches) but they were nice guys and and overall it was a pleasant meal. I only wish I had room for dessert! I would eat here again.

Day two: Red Iguana in Salt Lake City Utah.

Whenever I hear Salt Lake City my first thought is "Red Iguana"! Some years ago I went to Salt Lake City for a conference and Library AC (who since that time has become mostly vegan....) told me to try the Red Iguana. "Because you love food", she said. So I found it. Waited for 45 minutes to try AMAZING mole and went back the next night with people I met at the conference. I have not been back since that conference but I must mention it because T said, "We are going to the Red Iguana right?" on the road trip. Ummm... YES! And so we did.

I had the "Mole Negro" with chicken and T had the "Mole Poblano" with turkey. The chips were good and the salsa was great! I always thought of the Red Iguana as a mole place, but it is really a Mexican restaurant. I must of tried the mole on a recommendation from Library AC and been addicted ever since. It did not disappoint. Whenever I hear someone is going to Salt Lake City I always encourage them to try the Red Iguana!

Day 3: Crazy Cow Cafe in Beaver Utah.

T had "Bacon and Eggs (over easy) with crispy hashbrowns" and coffee. His usual breakfast. In other trivia, Beaver, Utah is the same place we stayed with the Airstream on our way home from our Yellowstone Trip all those years ago.

This is the day I tipped the scales toward the "Food Flu". And is it any wonder? Look at that "Tracker Driver's Sandwich"! Eggs, sausage, syrup, and french toast. I was very much in a food coma on the way home. T kept asking what was wrong with me and then we stopped for some coffee, which I don't normally drink, and some snacks before making it home.

We arrived home on July 3rd and on July 4th I kept the Food Flu alive with good old-fashion 4th of July fare. And while I don't regret any of my eats, I do think next time I might eat less Pringles.....

Do you have any road trip food tips? How about you favorite place to eat on the road? I am always looking for my next place to eat!


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