Road trip. New Truck. 3 days. WA. ID. UT. CA

Happy 4th of July! Yes I am a little late. It seems like I am always traveling around the 4th of July and getting back just in time to run around and BBQ. This year it was simple with hot dogs and watermelon, a movie and then fireworks. But this story is really about July 1-3rd....

My thought is that if somethng is meant to be, it will be, and it will be easy. That is not to say that I don't work hard for things, because I do. It is more of an observation of when things just work out. They are easy. And that is what this is about.

The short version of the story goes like this:

Friday July 1st T was supposed to leave to go on an Airstream fishing trip in Montana.

Tuesday June 28th T's truck is acting up.

Wednesday June 29th T comes home and tells me he bought a truck in Idaho.

Thursday June 30th T flyes up to Spokane, WA.

Friday July 1st I fly up to Spokane, WA and T picks me up in his new truck. We then drive it home and he delays his fishing trip for a week.

We took the scenic route home and it made me think I need to plan less and go more. We looked at a map, decided a few places to see and just drove home. It was kind of cool and I felt like I was channeling my Dad a bit. Less then 24 hours into the trip I was driving the new truck, we were testing out the four wheel drive and finding delicious food and cheap motels. 301 on the XM radio was the Road Trip station that brought us home through Vegas traffic and 100+ temps. But it was fun. And I am happy everything worked out. I guess it was meant to be...

The new truck in Montana.

Montana rest stop photo.
Me driving the truck. I look scared...
T, truck, and the Tetons way in the background.

South Fork of the Snake River. I think this is a Fly-fisherman's Graceland.

Eagle at the South Fork of the Snake River. T took with picture with an iPhone and some binoculars.

Me enjoying all the room in the truck!

The truck after 4x4ing in Idaho.

Next stop, somewhere fun I hope!



  1. Fun trip! I like the reminder to stop planning so much. Beautiful trip!