Airstream trip to Cherry Lake 2016

At last the airstream has made an appearance. A skiing accident paused our airstream adventures but this summer T fixed her up and she joined him on a Montana fishing trip before we took her to Cherry Lake.

The Cherry Lake adventure was with the same group of people that we shared THIS Cherry Lake trip with five years ago. The water at the lake was down from the last trip which is to be expected with the California drought the last few years, but it was a big lake and still had a lot of water in it.

We spent two night in the Eastern Sierra before heading over the Tioga Pass and on to Cherry Lake. The first night we stayed in the Alabama Hills and watched the early part of the Perseid Meteor Shower. We saw about 10 shooting stars with one BIG one. In the morning we got up and T made coffee while I did a little yoga in our cove. I would like to go back and camp there this fall when it is not so hot during the day. The Alabama Hills were rad.

The next night we camped at McGee Creek below the pack station. It was close to our Mammoth friends and they came to visit us. We had a campfire (the only one of the trip) and I got to test out my new hammock. I had brought my bike and my running shoes and in the morning I went for a run and then a bike ride. It was nice (but hard) to run in the mountains but I am so glad I brought that stuff on this trip. I went for a run or bike ride almost every day.

Leaving McGee Creek we took the airstream up Tioga Pass using the new truck. What a difference! That truck is pretty amazing and the Jake Brake is AWESOME. We smoked T's breaks on our last trip to Cherry Lake, but not this one. He kept saying how great the truck was and I believe it. Not one problem towing.

Tioga Pass is an entrance into Yosemite and it was busy. We lucked out and got a parking spot near Tanaya Lake and stopped to put our feet in which led to T going swimming in the very cold lake!

Cherry Lake is not an easy place to get too and we drove 24 miles on back roads through some fire burn areas before meeting our friends. When we arrived dinner was ready and soon we settled into vacation mode and a pattern. The only bummer was that the area was so dry there were no campfires or charcoal fires. In a burn area I would rather be fire safe anyway.

Our lake routine included waking up between 6-6:30 when Samson would walk all over us. T would make coffee and I would run or bike. By 10am we would make our way to the lake where we would all get in the ski boat with five dogs and go across the lake to a beach were we had set up hammocks and chairs. Beach time included swimming, napping, boat trips, skiing, hiking, and fishing. About 6pm we would make our way back to camp and have dinner. We sat around the fire-pit and I was usually in bed by 10pm. We slept near a creek and that is what I fell asleep to each night. Here are some photos from the trip:

Our camp.

Scenes from the beach:
T making use of the hammock.

Chilling in the shade.

Dogs on a log. See the rocks in the distance? We swam out to those a few times!

Just another spot to swim.

The hammock docking station...

One day we hiked up Cherry Creek to see the waterfall and go swimming. The waterfall was not very big this year but we did go swimming. At one point I was on a rock in the middle of the swimming hole and everyone else was on shore when we saw a snake swimming in the water! It was small. But it was still a snake. I noticed not as many people went swimming after that.

It took about eleven hours for us to get home with a few stops. We decided to keep our phones off on the way home to prolong the vacation a little longer. It was nice to get the airstream on the road again. Hopefully we can make this a trend. Fingers crossed...


Out of Office

Hi all,

I forgot to put my "out of office" message on the blog. Sorry about that. So I was "out of office" but am back now. Stay tuned for the airstream trip report!