August in Photos

Another August come and gone. School has strated and the beach weather is getting just a little bit cooler.

Here are a few photos from August:

I got a new job and worked for the first time in eight years during the summer. Saw this image of my work keyboard on my phone from the early part of August.


A sunset bike ride to the beach.


The first trip to Ballast Point in Long Beach.


My hammock purchase being tested in the back patio.


Toaster oven s'mores.


Samson chilling with my old bike.


When T and I took our Mom's to the OC Fair.


A walk around Pierce College before a work related thing.


Camping in Alabama Hills, McGee Creek, and Cherry Lake.


Decaf coffee and a donut.


Shmorgishborg with the family after a Jan and Dad went on their trip.


Wine dinner where I won a bottle of wine!


Why have I never noticed this before....


Beer flight at Lampost Pizza in Huntington Beach.


Headphones at the Apple Store.


Little Sister's broccoli pizza.



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