Film Museum in Lone Pine and a photo with John Wayne

Greetings and Happy Winter!

At least it feels like winter and this past weekend T and I were in the snow in the Eastern Sierra mountains. On the way up we drove through Lone Pine and FINALLY stopped at the Film History Museum in Lone Pine, CA.

We must have driven by this place over a hundred times. Many times T would say, we need to stop there one of these days…. He was starting to say the same thing this time as we passed the museum and then he said, I think today is the day. And so we went!
Us at Lone Pine Film Museum
Us at Lone Pine Film Museum

Lone Pine is a small town and it might strike you as odd that they have a film history museum but right behind the town is an area known as the “Alabama Hills” and tons of movies and TV shows have been filmed there. Made famous by early western movies I catch glimpses of this area in current movies (Iron Man) and lots of car commercials. The museum was filled with movie posters and memorabilia from movies filmed in the area. A short film really shows how much the Alabama Hills were utilized by Hollywood.

Movie Poster

old movie chairs

movie poster

The Film History Museum was a great stop on our trip north. For a $5 donation you get to see a piece of old Hollywood and even might see John Wayne….T and John Wayne


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