First time June

The good news is the I kept my 2016 theme of “try something new” going strong for the whole year. The not as great news is that it is December and I am writing about June. Sorry about that….

June was the first time in eight years that I worked during this month. I mentioned in another post that I used to have a job with a 178 day (10 month) contract and my new job is a 221 day contract. I still get some time off, but not nearly as much time as I have gotten off in the past. So it was not new to work in June, but is was the first time in eight years that I worked in June.

In June I went to graduation for the first time at my new college. I love graduation and went every year at my old job. I think it is great to cheer on students as they reach their goals.

I also bought a bike that I ride to work most days. In the cold months (like now) I try to ride my bike to work at least two days a week. With the short days I adjust my schedule so I am not riding in the dark. You can read about my new bike HERE.
The Library is a great place to review cookbooks. I check them out all the time. In June I checked out the book Paleo Planet and made such a big list of recipes to try that I decided to buy it. I posted the following photo on instagram and the author responded and told me some of her favorite recipes. I have never had that happen before and it was pretty cool! Social media for the win! So far my favorite recipe is the crispy chicken with onions. I think it is the pollo al forno in the book, page 88!

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