Happy Year of the Rooster

Happy Lunar New Year everyone and a special shout out to the little sister who was born in a rooster year. May this year be a great one.


Costa Rica here I come!

Wow. I leave for Costa Rica in a few days and I have really not planned for anything. Not my M.O. for sure. As I am not the person organizing this trip it is okay not to do major planning, but a little planning should happen! Like what would I like to do and what should I wear? Basic stuff.

I am going for a week and am staying in two places: Arenal and Guanacaste.

Arenal is where Volcan Arenal is located and we will be staying at a fancy hotel with hot springs. While others in my group might zipline I will not. Heights and zipping in the clouds are not really my thing. A few other ideas I have are:

Hike and explore Arenal National Park.

Visit, (maybe swim) at the La Fortuna waterfall.

Walk / Hike the Mistico Hanging Bridges

Attend a cooking class?

From Arenal we head to Guanacaste and an all inclusive resort. While we might visit a few towns in the area, I think the majority of what I will be doing there is relaxing on the beach or by the pool. The first part of our trip is adventure orientated and the second half is about relaxing. I am looking forward to the trip and will report back when I return!



Looking forward looking back. Welcome 2017

Happy New Year! 2016 was an epic year and I have found myself trying to remember all the things that happened in it. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras! It also helped that my theme for 2016 was "try something new each month". Because of that theme I have a list of a lot of things that happened in this year.

The thing that stands out the most in my mind right now is switching jobs. My previous job had become such an unhealthy place for me that I didn’t realize how bad some of it was until just recently. It was like I finally detoxed it out of my system which is hard to say because there were a lot of good things at that job. But as the detox has shown me, there were a lot of bad things too. I don’t think my new job is perfect, but it feels so much more positive and healthy. I am very grateful to have it.

In 2016 both of my sisters got new jobs too. We had this thing going where we were waiting for it to be "our turn in the universe". It was almost a circle of getting jobs or waiting for jobs to be posted and hearing back on them. I remember one night with them when we were mimicking Oprah saying "You get a job! You get a job! You get a job!". And we each did. That was kind of amazing. Thanks 2016!

I did notice that the new job threw me off schedule. Or off my blogging schedule. I usually post at least once a week and failed at doing that in 2016. I really like being scheduled with my time and it helps me get a lot of things accomplished (like working out most mornings at 5:30am!). Looking back on 2016 has made me look ahead at 2017 and try to schedule my time so blogging is back on a front burner. This blog is like a journal and I like looking back to see how life has evolved.

So looking forward to 2017 I am hoping to see some changes in my life. I want to become a little more scheduled and disciplined with my time to focus on things that are good for me and things I want to do like blog consistently.

A recurring theme on some post around this time of year has been my health and my weight. I think a lot of us think about those things. Three and a half years ago I made it to my "starting to date T weight". I was excited to look back on some of our photos from our trip to Mexico and see that I was pretty comfortable in my skin. Fast forward to August of this year and my annual doctor's visit where I discovered I had gained about 30 pounds! My doctor is rad and just a few years older than me. She is also pretty honest and pointed out that I was getting older (40 in February) and that eating is 90% of weight management. I have always been pretty active and she looked back at my chart to see what I was doing three years ago. This encouraged another round of Whole30 and looking at my active life. I was more into cardio than other things and my 5:30am yoga classes were canceled last year. Having the week between Christmas and New Years to breath and reflect has shown me some things I need to revise.

I am going to Costa Rica in a week (so excited) and I have two things I am looking at doing for the month of January to expand my workouts. Besides running 3-4 times a week and training for a half marathon on Superbowl Sunday, I am looking at the Yoga By Candace 30 Day Yoga Fit Program (free on her website) and maybe Jillian’s 30 Day Shred (always a good workout) or the Tone It Up #LookForLove challenge that goes to Feb 14th. I run because it keeps me sane. I do yoga because it keeps me strong and flexible. I do the 30 Day Shred because it is a great workout. The Tone It Up workouts keep things changing. Now I know myself so I won’t be doing all these things, but I will do at least one of them everyday for January. And I am going to look at my food.

As my doctor said, food is 90% of weight loss and gain. And while I usually eat healthy paleo-ish, I can still have too much of a good thing. So it is back to tracking my nutrition and exercise in the LoseIt App. I mentioned I am going to Costa Rica, and those bathing suit photos will be good motivation! This year I am also going to New Orleans, Washington D.C., and a houseboat trip this summer with the same people from that Mexico trip when I was pretty fit. And I am turning 40 so I have a lot of motivation to be fit, strong, and comfortable in my skin.

I don’t know why the New Year brings this out in me. Maybe it is because the New Year encourages reflection. Maybe it is because the days start getting longer after the winter solstice and that creates it’s own kind of motivation. Maybe our bodies like to start fresh and positive each year and this is a chance to do that. Whatever the reason, I am making a note of it here to encourage me as I move forward.

2017. Cheers to you and adventures you bring. I am looking forward to another year!