Happy Easter!

My Mom's side of the family has thing we do to honor my late Grandmother. Well, kind of honor her as we all found it kind of funny as she was religious and most of us were not.

My whole life, on Easter she would answer the phone, "He has risen" and the reply is, "He has risen indeed" (if you subscribe to that train of thought).

After she passed away the family started every year on Easter we have a crazy family group text to see who can say it first and who responds. It then turns into a full day text of well wishes, food pictures, and all around family bonding.

So it does honor my Grandmother as it brings family together and we all toast her memory.

I hope your day is filled with fun family interactions and special memories.

Happy Easter!


Tech issues with the blog

Hi all,

I have not forgot you! Technology is great and always improving. Sometimes improvements cause speed bumps and I am stuck at one of those speed bumps. I am working on it!

Hope to have stuff (with photos) posted soon!

Fingers crossed.....