Camping at South Carlsbad in the rain

Airstream on ocean cliff

Last weekend T and I had a chance to camp with friends at South Carlsbad State Beach.  This is one of my favorite beaches to camp at because you are on the cliffs above the ocean and the pelicans fly by almost at eye level.  I have seen dolphins surfing the waves at dawn on past trips and have even camped there for New Years once.
Birds in clouds

This camping trip was a new experience at South Carlsbad because a storm came in and the wind roughed up the ocean.  I was glad I brought jacket!  Our friends were expecting the storm and had really anchored down anything that might fly away.  They also brought a fire pit with a lid that could be moved around if needed.  We moved  it out of the wind as much as we could and used it to stay warm.
Camp fire pit

The rain started late Saturday night and it was nice to listen to from inside the airstream.  The next morning everything in camp was wet and muddy as we packed up, but I had a great time.

We live at the beach and have amazing weather 98% of the time.  Being able to camp on the ocean cliffs and watch a storm come over the sea was a great way to spend last weekend!
Ocean and cliff

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