3-2-1 SUMMER!

4th of July has just passed and my summer is about to get hot. Literally and figuratively. I have four trips planned in the next month and two of them are to hot places. The funny thing is that all four of them are different and require completely different clothes, or “wardrobes” if you will. But I am really excited about ALL of them.

My first trip is to Lake Powell for an “epic” houseboat trip. At least that is how it has been described to me. The trip includes two houseboats and over 30 people. I have never been to Lake Powell and the photos look amazing. T and I are bringing his canoe for its first voyage! I have been told I only need to bring sunscreen and bathing suits. Lake Powell here we come!

T and I are arriving a day early to take a photo / slot canyon tour in Page, AZ and on the way home we are stopping in Las Vegas for a night. This is going to be a great trip.

My next adventure is a mountain biking trip to Lake Tahoe with the Little Sister. My Uncle lives up there and he is going to take us biking. I am a little worried that I am going to be the weakest link in our mountain biking gang. The Little Sister has been going on long rides for a while and my Uncle is a former Ironman Triathlete. Me…. I have been going to some spin classes at the YMCA and sometimes ride my bike 4 miles to work….my only (maybe) plus is that I spend a lot of time at high elevations in Mammoth so maybe that will help. I am also hoping we don’t do extreme mountain biking. I don’t think my bike can handle it. But once again, a whole new collection of clothes needed. I think about this because the trips are pretty close together and I am trying to figure out my packing….

The day after I get back from Lake Tahoe I leave for Boston, Massachusetts for a week long program at Harvard. I know, HARVARD! I am so excited. This is a work related thing and calls for a different wardrobe. The weather is going to be HOT and humid and the clothes need to be mostly professional. And then, even though it is hot, I have to have layers because the program is inside in air conditioning. I rented a studio apartment in Cambridge and am looking forward to my trip. I know it will be packed with work related stuff, but I am looking forward to visiting this area for the first time.

My next trip (four days after I return from Harvard) T and I are taking an Airstream trip to a bluegrass festival in Wyoming. We are going to Idaho and Montana on this trip and taking his canoe and our bikes. And Samson the cat. Samson is an Airstream cat. T wants to show me all his favorite fishing places on this trip and places he talks about moving to. I always ask him if there is an ocean there when he talks about moving…. I love living near the ocean…. This trip also has a completely different clothing need. What does one wear to a bluegrass festival anyway? I am excited to go on this trip and see all the places that T loves so much. It is going to be fun!

I pack for my first trip tonight and feel like the ball will start rolling downhill really quickly after that. I am excited to have so many adventures lined up this summer and look forward to sharing them with you here.


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