June in photos

June is over already.  This might be a reoccurring theme, but this month flew by! What does Ferris Buller say?

"Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

So true Ferris, so true.

I think I looked around a little, but I need to look around more so I don't miss my life.  Here are a few moments I captured in June.

After graduation I went out with work people and eventually ended up at Silky Sullivan's listening to this band, Soul'd Out. 

I was working on a project at Chapman University and loved the stairs that led from the parking under the football field.  Well played Chapman.

Some friends of mine started a drink ware business (coffee junkies that they are) and I love seeing their products in stores!  Keep living the dream guys! The Created Co.

And then I went to Petals & Pop, a champagne / flower bar with vintage glasses.  Yes please!

Some time in June I was at Shuck having oysters and beer (for me), Prosecco for the little sister) when we decided it would be a good idea to order the lobster Mac N Cheese.  It was a good idea....

Speaking of the little sister.... the neighbor gave me one of those smart lightbulbs that you can program to turn on and off and she kept calling and calling.  I snapped this photo to text her so she saw I was busy and why I wasn't answering the phone.  It makes me laugh when I see it.

T the Middle Sister and I helped a friend host his company picnic.  These signs made me smile and later made me laugh when I realized they said "Ice Tea" instead of "Iced Tea".  I kept walking by them and couldn't figure out what was missing.

Summer time.  The only time I MIGHT eat tomatoes.  I don't like them but sometimes I find I have a batch of tomatoes from someones yard and T and I have really good caprese salads on the back patio.

And then there is Samson.  I swear this cat sleeps 21 hours a day....

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